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Significance of the Mangalsutra in Manglik Marriage

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The Hindu scriptures lay a lot of importance to the Mangalsutra in the life of a married Indian woman. All regular as well as Manglik Marriage ceremonies involve a ritual in the wedding ceremony which signifies the religious and psychological importance of the Mangalsutra in an Indian wedding. This thread is considered to be a […]

The Principles of a Hindu Manglik Matrimonial

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Hindu scriptures recognize a husband and a wife has two halves of a single divine body. With the intention of a lifelong union between a man and a woman, a Manglik matrimonial is a ceremony which joins two lives together so that they can continue leading a life of respect, harmony and love. The union […]

Manglik Matrimony Sites Combine Benefits of Love and Arrange Marriage

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When the process to find the perfect Indian Brides or Grooms for matrimony is carried offline whether Manglik or Non Manglik. There are chances happen that the relation for the girl comes at her door for fifth time. The girl and her family would be hoping to get the approval for the perfect matchmaking. When […]